CSAA-D Ambassadors are current doctoral students who are available to answer your questions about the CSAA-D program and UGA. Please contact any of the students listed below if you are interested in exploring the program from a student’s point of view.

2018-2019 CSAA-D Ambassadors

Lamesha Andrews 
Full-time student
Current position: Doctoral Intern for Staff Development in University Housing
Prior degrees: B.A. Apparel Merchandising ’08, M.Ed. Educational Leadership ’12
Research interest: First-generation Black women in doctoral programs; first-generation college students; Black college women and colorism; Black women in higher education; retention and persistence; college access; intersectionality; sista circle methodology; marginalized student experiences; student affairs administration.

Hey everyone! I am a fourth-year in the program. It has been a roller coaster, but all-in-all I love it! I have grown a lot as a result of this journey. Before coming in, know that this journey requires perseverance. There will be some rough times, but there are also some really great times!  Before coming back to school, I was a resident director (Spelman College) and before that I was in graduate school (Valdosta State University). For my job search, I am looking into faculty positions and positions in housing, college access, first-year experience, and student success! Some of the things I enjoy are: spending time with my partner, family, and friends; catching up on my shows on Hulu or Netflix; time alone (for my introverted soul); traveling; baking; sewing; and 90’s R&B! If you have any questions, let me know!

Roshaunda Breeden
Full-time student
Current position: CSAA-D Graduate Assistant
Prior Degrees: BS in Psychology, BS in Africana Studies, MEd. in College Student Affairs Administration from THE University of Georgia
Research interests:  
Career trajectories for Black women in Student Affairs, college access for minoritized student populations, community advocacy, activism, and social justice; along with critical theory.

Hi All! I am a first-year student in the CSAA-D program.  I am a proud first-generation college graduate from the best state in the world – North Carolina. Prior to starting the CSAA-D program, I worked in diversity and inclusion, academic advising, academic programming, and college access programs and residential life.  I choose the CSAA-D program because of the community of practice and the support from faculty regarding my diverse research interests. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring festivals and cultural activities with my family, finding new restaurants, and binge-watching shows on Netflix and Hulu.


Matthew J. Smith
Full-time student
Current position: College Student Affairs Administration Master’s Program Graduate Assistant
Prior Degrees: B.A. in History from the University of Utah, M.A. in Medical Sciences from Boston University, M.S. in Counselor Education with an Emphasis in Student Affairs from Mississippi State University
Research interest: Assessment practices in higher education/student affairs, persistence/sense of belonging for students in higher education in the face of all manner of difficulty/struggle, cognitive development of college students outside of the formal classroom setting, and the history of higher education/student affairs.

Hi everyone! I’m currently a third-year CSAA doctoral student here at UGA. I am originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, but have lived several places in the US and abroad over the years. Prior to transitioning to student affairs/higher education, I worked in biomedical research at a variety of institutions. When I’m not busy being a doc student, I love to travel, read for leisure, enjoy trying different restaurants, watching SportsCenter (or sports in general), and playing the occasional card or board game.

Jason K. Wallace
Full-time student
Current position: Graduate Assistant – Student Affairs Leadership Program
Prior Degrees: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Advertising and Public Relations, Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Administration both from Texas Christian University
Research interest: Exploring experiences of marginalized and/or minoritized populations pursuing graduate education with an emphasis on first-generation college students, Black students, low-income students, queer and trans students of color, and students who hold multiple minoritized identities. 

I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Fort Worth, Texas. In addition to being a proud Texan, I am a big brother, first-generation college student, dog parent, scholar-activist, and reality TV junkie. I am passionate about creating safe and equitable spaces for students of color on college campuses. In my spare time, I enjoy attending music festivals, spending time with friends, connecting with other first-generation students, and cheering on the TCU Horned Frog football team (#GoFrogs).

Melvin Whitehead
Full-time student
Current positionDoctoral Intern for the Center for Leadership and Service
Prior Degrees: Master of Science in Information; Bachelor of Science in Music Education
Research interest: 
LGBTQ+ populations in community colleges, the utility of diversity education and “ally training” programs in higher education, intersectional approaches to supporting minoritized students, and the development of racialized thoughts and feelings of white college students within the current sociopolitical climate.

I am a third-year doctoral candidate who left his rousing career as an academic librarian in the Midwest to come to UGA. I was drawn to the supportive community of scholars in the CSAA-D program; the opportunities the program provides to further develop skills related to teaching, research, and practice; the critical scholarly work and pedagogy of the CSAA faculty; and the competitive funding offered through my assistantship. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, baking, gardening, and watching re-runs of The Golden Girls.


If you general questions about the CSAA-D program, please email csaaphd@uga.edu

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