Part of being in the CSAA programs at UGA is experiencing life in Athens.  We could not begin to cover all of the great places for eating, exploring, or grabbing a coffee, but here are a few of the students’ favorites on- and off-campus.  Finding a great spot in Athens might even make it feel a little bit like home.

One of my favorite places on campus is Bolton Dining Hall.  Bolton is located on west campus, just a few blocks from the Tate Student Center.  This dining hall has a fantastic salad bar with lots of fresh fruits and veggies.  One of my favorite meals is the BBQ pork served every Tuesday night. It is also a great dining hall to bring your laptop and study for a while. -Evan Thrailkill, CSAA-M.

Picture of Bolton Food Line
Bolton Serving Line. Photo by Evan Thrailkill

Jittery Joe’s
I love me a cup o’ joe. I go to Jittery Joe’s (I prefer the location at Five Points, close to campus) for my coffee and studying. Since my internship provides me housing on-campus, this is one of the ways I make sure I leave campus regularly. (And by “regularly”, I mean “I easily spend 20 hours a week at this coffee shop.”) At this point I know all the baristas, and they sometimes double-stamp my rewards card! If you’re looking for coffee or a study spot off-campus, give this a try. – Andrew Wells, CSAA-D.

Mirko Pasta, Five Bar, & the Library
If you like pasta, Mirko Pasta is the place to go! The menu features a variety of different pasta and homemade sauces that are absolutely delicious. One of my favorite dishes is the gnocchi pasta with funghi sauce.

When I am not in the mood for pasta and want to go out with friends to feel like a cool adult, I go to Five Bar. They only offer five things on their entrée menu for brunch or dinner, so it helps with making a decision. About two doors down is the Highwire Bar that has fun and innovative cocktails and great jazz music to hang out with friends!

Lastly, as nerdy as this sounds, one of my favorite places in Athens to frequent is the local library on Baxter St. The recent renovations includes more room for books and study areas. It’s still pretty quiet and there’s this cool self-checkout area!

Athens is a great city with awesome sites and locations to explore.  I hope you enjoy yourself in the “Classic City!” GO DAWGS! – Jillian Martin, CSAA-D

Ramsey Student Center
When I am not running around Athens with members of Athens Road Runners, the supportive running club I joined a year ago, you can usually find me working out at Ramsey. Ramsey is a beautiful facility that provides all the resources I need for a good workout. I am a morning person, so I drive over at 6 am and make sure to leave by 7 am (when parking starts monitoring the lots). The parking deck next door is an option as well as bus transportation to Ramsey. There are two weight rooms once inside, and I choose to go to the smaller hidden one around the left corner past the big one (just a tip if you are looking for more cardio machines). There’s a pool, indoor track, and fitness classes you can access by purchasing an additional pass. Everything besides the fitness classes is included in your fees. Grab your towel and head over to Ramsey for a workout! – Chandler Thompson, CSAA-M

The Grit
The Grit is one of my favorite restaurants in Athens, and it is just a short walk from downtown. The Grit serves vegetarian food, and although I am not vegetarian, their breakfast, lunch, and dinner food is delicious! My favorite time to go to The Grit, however, is at night for coffee and a slice of pie. The Grit has a laid back ambience and is a great environment for casual conversation. – Scott Brown, CSAA-D

The Grit, Athens GA
The Grit
Photo by Scott Brown

UGA Creamery
A hidden gem on the Athens campus is the Creamery! Located in the bottom of the Environmental Health Sciences Building, the creamery is open M-F 8am – 5pm. Established in 1908, the creamery no longer makes its own ice cream, but still serves delicious ice cream and one of my favorite places to visit when exploring campus! Make sure to check out the creamery for a sweet treat. – Amber McCraw, CSAA-M

Ice Cream at UGA creamer
UGA Creamery. Photo by Chandler Thompson

Agua Linda, Siri Thai, The Grit, and DePalmas
Being a full-time employee and a part-time student at UGA definitely comes with its challenges – I have learned a great deal about prioritization and balance.  One of the best pieces of advice I got from a former student that has stuck with me is to think about one or two things that I love doing, and don’t give them up.  For me this is going out to dinner with friends.  My favorite Athens dinner locations are: Agua Linda (Mexican), Siri Thai, The Grit (vegetarian), and DePalmas (Italian). – Jessica Pense, CSAA-D

We hope that you get an opportunity to explore some of what Athens has to offer while you are in town! Make sure to let us know your favorite places in the comments.

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