Chris LinderCongratulations to Dr. Chris Linder, an Emerging Scholars Award recipient at this year’s ACPA annual conference!  While deserving of this award, it comes as no surprise that Dr. Linder was recognized among the academy for her contribution to the field of student affairs.  Similar to ACPA, Dr. Linder espouses the values of multicultural competence, inclusion, and advocacy and outreach, and this is evident in her scholarship and classroom facilitation.
One of the criteria for the Emerging Scholars Award is potential for future contributions to scholarship.  I would contend that Dr. Linder is beyond potential and actively doing work that will help transform our college campuses through her research.  For instance, Dr. Linder’s timely research on campus climate related to sexual violence has significant implications on policy-making decisions and student support services.  Dr. Linder’s research advances the body of knowledge in student affairs, but it is her ability to connect with others that resonates with me.
Before coming to Athens, a colleague at Arizona State University told me that Dr. Linder was an incredible person who was passionate about working with students, staff, and faculty.  It didn’t take long to understand the sentiments my former colleague shared.  As a scholar-practitioner and student in the CSAA program, I admire Dr. Linder’s pedagogical commitment of using theory to practice exercises in class (Advanced Student Development Theories).  I also appreciate Dr. Linder’s feedback on class assignments, which challenges me to think more deeply about ways of knowing (i.e., Truth or truth) and how this informs my approach to conducting research.  Dr. Linder’s pedagogy comes from a place of development and support, but perhaps the most valuable lesson comes in how she models behavior.
I appreciate Dr. Linder’s transparency in sharing her experience as a first-year Assistant Professor, which occasionally parallels my experience as a first-year PhD student.  I have learned through Dr. Linder’s vulnerability the importance of taking risks in order to grow as a scholar-practitioner.  Some ways that Dr. Linder has encouraged me to take risks include reading literature with a critical lens, valuing creativity in written projects and class presentations, and submitting proposals for conference presentations.  Dr. Linder’s encouragement has led me to adopt a personal motto of “rhetoric to action” with the understanding that research and student affairs work have the capacity to transform individuals and environments.
Thank you, Dr. Linder, for your challenge and support, and commitment to enhancing the learning environment.  And congratulations on receiving the Emerging Scholars Award!
Scott Brown UGAA first year doctoral student in the CSAA program, Scott Brown received a B.S. from Ohio State University and an M.Ed. in Higher and Postsecondary Education at Arizona State University.  He currently serves as a graduate assistant in CHDS where he helps coordinate the CSAA-M program.  Scott’s research interests include social justice, campus environments and leadership development.

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