zoe_johnsonZoe M. Johnson currently serves as the Director of Multicultural Services and Programs (MSP) at UGA. While leading an office that provides diverse programming for the university community, espouses a social justice agenda, and advises 13 identity-based student organizations, Zoe also wears many other hats. She is the wife of Tino Johnson, the Assistant Director of Development in Student Affairs (and a jokester too!), the mother of precious daughter Matti, and a doctoral student in the CSAA Ph.D. program. As daunting as all those responsibilities can be, Zoe personifies hard work, grace, and discipline, which has not gone unnoticed. This past week, Zoe was honored as the Georgia College Personnel Association’s Graduate Student of the Year, an award given to a student who has demonstrated scholastic achievement and research in student affairs through dissertation or thesis work, journal and newsletter publications, colloquium or institute participation, and other significant research and scholarly activities while enrolled in a student affairs graduate program in the state of Georgia.

Beginning my position as a graduate assistant at MSP last fall, I was apprehensive about what the experience would be like because the setting was so new to me. What did “business causal” really mean? What was the office culture like? Was the staff approachable? It turns out my concerns were unwarranted because I’ve really found a home and a family at MSP. I can honestly say that having Zoe as our fearless leader gives me a standard for what to look for in supervisors and directors in the future; she is kind, authentic, generous, and does her job extremely well. So while Zoe is winning graduate student awards, she is also making an impact professionally. Basically she’s killing the game across the board. Congrats, Zoe!

Dorothy CharlesWritten by Dorothy Charles, a 2nd year CSAA Masters student who has her assistantship at Multicultural Services and Programs. Dorothy is also a hip hop aficionado, a fashion enthusiast, and a casual pescatarian.

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