Dr. Jackie Clark

When I initially entered the CSAA-D program, I was unsure of my direction. I considered either the Dean of Students track or the faculty track. I considered my work in both contexts and tried to focus on a generalist approach to my education. Truthfully, some days I was just trying to get through the work and could not even think about my future job search! One of the best parts of being at UGA was the diverse faculty and being able to work with multiple approaches to scholarship. Each faculty member has their own well-honed scholarship areas as well as pedagogical practices. Now that I am faculty, I draw on those ideas and think about how I can approach master’s students in a way that is engaging and prepares them for the profession. Additionally, I cannot say enough about the impact of being in a diverse classroom.

I had never been in a classroom or work environment in which minoritized voices were centered in conversation. It was a profound “wake-up” call for me and completely changed my understanding of the experiences of students and the community at large. I am grateful to those students who shared their work and personal experiences because it was life changing for me. I hope I honor those conversations in my work every day. Finally, I would summarize my thoughts about CSAA-D by saying that the program can be what you want it to be. If you seek opportunities you can find them! Go Dawgs!

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