One of the first discussions we had as a group was the need for a representative hashtag that categorizes and synthesizes online posts about our students, alumni, and faculty. To decide this hashtag, we are reaching out to our wonderful community for ideas and suggestions! Please submit your hashtag entry to

Hashtag Contest Flyer

What is a hashtag?

  • A way to synthesize what you are writing about.
  • A label for content; a hashtag categorizes content so others interested in it can quickly find content on that same topic (Campbell, 2013).
  • A hashtag is a word or phrase with a “#” before it: #UGA or #SAchat.

Where can you use hashtags?

  • Most used on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Why use a hashtag?

  • A hashtag helps target your audience (Dugan, 2011).
  • A hashtag allows people who search for that hashtag to find your post (Dugan, 2011).
  • Use a hashtag to facilitate a conversation between connected or unconnected individuals (Georgieva, 2012).

How will this hashtag be used?

  • Outreach efforts for prospective students and alumni.
  • A way to categorize and synthesize online posts about the great work students and alumni are doing.
  • To showcase the talent of our students and faculty.
  • To share what is being learned in the classroom.


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