The most important factor is that student development education always occurs in the active context of students’ lives.
– Learning Reconsidered: A Campus-Wide Focus on the Student Experience (2004)

  • What are class conversations like?
  • To what depth are issues discussed?
  • Will the program focus only on theory?  Just on practice?

Do some of these questions sound familiar to you?  For many students seeking a degree program, these questions are vital to applying and choosing a graduate program.  Oftentimes, it is difficult to travel to those institutions where the programs you’re interested in are located.  Well, you are in luck!

Over the past year, the faculty of the CSAA/SAL programs have begun to utilize hashtags on Twitter to take the conversation beyond the confines of weekly class meetings. As regular readers of this blog know, a hashtag contest, recently completed, resulted in a program wide hashtag #saUGA411. While discovery through hashtags may not substitute for an in-person classroom visit, following along with these Twitter hashtags allows for a glimpse of what is discussed in class, the depth of the issues, and how both theory and practice are important to our program’s curriculum and instruction.  Some examples of hashtag usage include:

“Environmental and Facilities Management” taught by Dr. Merrily Dunn

“Dimensions of Multicultural Practice in Student Affairs” taught by Dr. Candace Maddox

“Theories of College Student Development” taught by Dr. Chris Linder

As a community of engaged scholar-practitioners, our conversations often continue once class ends.  We use all of our hashtags, including #saUGA411, to facilitate discourse with peers and colleagues both in and outside of the program.

Only some of our conversations come straight from the syllabi.  We also use these hashtags as a way to discuss current events, critical issues, and relevant topics in the field with a greater audience.

We invite you to peruse our hashtags and join our conversations!  Although Twitter limits the length of communications (140 characters or less), robust Twitter conversations can lead to further conversation in other forums.  There is no substitute for visiting our classrooms, but we hope these hashtags serve as an invitation for your virtual visit.

Written by Alex Lange, CSAA-M ’14.
Alex is a second year Masters student in the CSAA program.  A graduate of Florida Atlantic University’s Honors College, Alex is currently a Graduate Assistant in the Office of Student Leadership and Service at Emory University.  Alex enjoys student development theory and his research interests reflect that.  Most recently, Alex has devoted much of his time to a project focused on understanding the development of students’ multiple dimensions of identity in relation to campus environments.  After the program, Alex hopes to continue his path as a true scholar-practitioner in the field of student affairs.

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  1. #echd7430 is the hashtag for a VERY active discussion of campus ecology at the master’s level!!


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