JabariJabari Bodrick is a Ph.D. candidate from Charlotte, North Carolina. He earned his bachelor’s degree in public relations from Florida A&M University and his master’s degree in college student affairs from the University of South Florida. His research interests include service-learning, minority serving institutions, and applied ethics in student affairs practice.

Where are you in the publishable paper, prelim or dissertation process?
I am working on chapters one and two of my dissertation.

Tell us about the study you are conducting or are planning to conduct.
Traditionally, service-learning offices and initiatives have been institutionalized and housed organizationally in academic affairs. My dissertation focuses on service-learning in the student affairs profession and seeks to answer three research questions: how do institutionalized student affairs service-learning offices define service-learning, why are institutionalized service-learning offices housed organizationally in student affairs, and what practices are employed to sustain faculty involvement in institutionalized student affairs service-learning offices. Institutionalization is seen as the pinnacle indicator of institutional importance for relatively new institutional programs and practices like service-learning.

How did you decide on this topic?
I am passionate about service-learning and other forms of community engagement. Upon graduation, I would like to work in an office dedicated to service-learning and/or other forms of community engagement. My dissertation topic affords me the opportunity to learn more about service-learning as a pedagogy and about the intricacies of service-learning in a student affairs context.

What have you enjoyed about the process?
I have enjoyed learning more about service-learning and using what I learn in practice.

How have you grown as a scholar-practitioner through your work on this study?
I have improved my ability to critically analyze literature and my capacity to create well-written and well-structured paragraphs. I have also improved my ability to translate what I have learned in the literature into practice.

Give one piece of advice for someone who is going through this process, or about to start this journey.
James 1:2-6 (New International Version)

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