2018 Annual SACSA Conference
Building Ways to Educate, Advocate, Cultivate and Heighten our purpose in Student Affairs
November 3 – 5, 2018
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC

CSAA-D & SAL was well represented at the 2018 SACSA Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Our students and recent alums presented ten sessions and were recognized with several awards at the conference:

November 3, 2018

Changing the Conversation: Engaging Students in Ethical Decision-Making and Integrity

Jason Wallace (CSAA-D) & Qua’Aisa Williams (CSAA-D)

He Ain’t Heavy: The Impact of Membership in Black Greek Letter Fraternities on the Academic Progress of Undergraduate Members

Dr. Arthur Doctor, Jr. (SAL)

From Research to Practice: Using Sista Circles as Space of Support for Black College Women

Qua’Aisa Williams (CSAA-D) & Lamesha Andrews (CSAA-D)

Prepare and Pivot: Balancing Your Doctoral Study “Plan” with Emerging Opportunities

Matthew Smith (CSAA-D)

Brittany Williams (CSAA-D)

Jason Wallace (CSAA-D)

Laura Dunn

Estee Hernandez

November 4, 2018

Don’t be Scared, I’m a Gentle Black Man

Dr. Justin Grimes (CSAA-D)

“Let Me Post That to Insta” and Other Things We Should Be Saying as Student Affairs Educators

Brittany McDaniel (CSAA-D) & Katie Burr (CSAA-D)

Nice for What? Examining Experiences of Marginalized Student Affairs Professionals Through the Lens of Institutional Betrayal

Jason Wallace (CSAA-D)

Supervision Starts with You: Navigating Supervision Strategies for New Professionals

Dr. Cara Simmons (CSAA-D)

Brandon Carlson

Jessica Chandler

Gregory Fontus

Amelia Rogers

Becka Shetty

Sankofa Realized: Words of Wisdom to First Gen Doc Students, from the First Gen Doc-Students

Jason Wallace (CSAA-D)

Lamesha Andrews (CSAA-D)

Raven Cokley (Gwinnett)

Using Community Cultural Wealth to Enhance Support for Students of Color

Melvin A. Whitehead (CSAA-D)

Research Incentive Grants

She persisted: First-Generation Black Women along their doctoral journey at a Predominately White Institution

Lamesha Andrews (CSAA-D)

Examining a new student convocation ceremony as a campus ritual

Katie Burr (CSAA-D) & Dr. Merrily Dunn (CSAA-D)

Dissertation of the Year

Why Do You Think I’m Here: Black Men’s Motivation for Pursuing Doctorates in Education

Dr. Justin Grimes (CSAA-D)

For more information about SACSA, please visit their website. Awesome work, CSAA-D & SAL! We are proud to work and learn with you every day!

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