Dr. Jackie Clark
CSAA-D Summer 2017
Current Position: Assistant Professor
St. Martin’s University
Dissertation: Professional Competencies and the Role of the Dean of Students at Small Colleges


“I will take this opportunity to thank the faculty for being great teachers and mentors. I felt supported academically and emotionally and that made all the difference.” – Dr. Clark

Tell us about what you will be doing in your new role.
I start my new position August 16th. I will be the inaugural director for a new master’s program in HESA. In order to be ready, I am preparing my first classes, Student Development Theory and Introduction to Higher Education and Student Affairs. I am very excited to build this new program which will serve the students locally and regionally.

How has your time in the program influenced how you engage in your current work?
As the former Program Assistant for the CSAA master’s program I learned so much about program administration and alignment with CAS Standards. While at UGA I was able to review the content of courses and examine their relationship to practice. I will definitely be using my doctoral course experiences to inform my teaching and develop classes in theory, history, environments, research, administration, and current issues-just to name a few!

What insights would you share with current and prospective CSAA-D students?
Comparison is the thief of joy. While so difficult to do, resist comparing your journey and experience to others in the program. I made lots of mistakes but that is where I learned the most. Finally, have fun! Being a student is a privilege not a burden.

Can you talk about a specific experience in or outside of the classroom from your time as a student that impacted your work as a professional?
For me, the teaching experience was paramount. Getting to work with current faculty and master’s students was most rewarding and fun. As I now prepare coursework and create policy for a new program I am drawing heavily on what I learned during those classes at UGA.

If you could change one thing about your CSAA-D experience what would it be?
I wish I could have spent more time with my colleagues. I learned so much from class conversations that seemed too short at times. But with everyone’s schedules, there just wasn’t enough time to get together in a more casual fashion. In terms of the coursework I would like to see a doctoral level law and policy course.

Can you share a story, funny or otherwise, that reminds you most of CSAA-D?
What happens in Aderhold stays in Aderhold. That being said, someone told me I would miss room 411 and I can confirm that it’s true!

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